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Highest Paying Medical Certifications

Medical certifications demonstrate the holder’s expertise and experience in a particular area of healthcare. A healthcare certification will demonstrate your dedication to ongoing education, professional networking, and industry-recognized best practices in addition to your expertise in a particular field.

Each accreditation in healthcare, however, varies slightly and is intended to emphasize a particular theme. But the advantages are very similar. They typically help you enhance your resume, increase your salary, and gain access to the larger professional world.

Top 10 Medical Certifications

The American Medical Technologists Association (AMT) is a non-profit organization that represents allied health professionals. This organization provides medical credentials that can support your entry into the medical field.

This group offers more than 20 health certifications. I’ll list the top 10 in this article. These are:

Top List of Medical Credentials

Credentials Acronym
Medical Assistant RMA
Phlebotomy Technician RPT
Medical Administrative Specialist CMAS
Dental Assistant RDA
Medical Laboratory Technician MLT
Medical Laboratory Assistant CMLA
Molecular Diagnostics Technologist MDT
Certified Laboratory Consultant CLC
Medical Technologist MT
Allied Health Instructor AHI

Med Gas Certification

With this qualification, you can demonstrate your proficiency in the installation of medical gas and vacuum systems that adhere to the ASSE Series 6000 Standard.

You can work on or install piping or components, such as brazers, as an Installer with the Med Gas Certification.

However, you must have a general understanding of the relevant laws, codes, rules, listing agencies, and regulations from the federal, state, and local levels in order to work as a licensed Medical Gas Installer.

Medical Coding Certifications

If you wish to work in the healthcare billing and coding sector, you can obtain a medical coding certification.

Different professional organisations, including AAPC, offer these medical coding credentials. For coders who want to demonstrate their expertise in a particular area, the American Academy of Professional Coders offers 18 speciality medical coding certificates in addition to the four core medical coding certifications.

The certifications include:

List of Top Medical Coding Credentials

  1. Certified Professional Coder
  2. Outpatient Coder Certification
  3. Inpatient Coder Certification
  4. Risk Adjustment Coder Certification
  5. Anesthesia and Pain Management Coder Certification
  6. Ambulatory Surgical Center Coder Certification
  7. Emergency Department Coder Certification
  8. Professional Coder in Dermatology Certification
  9. Evaluation and Management Coder Certification
  10. Family Practice Coder Certification
  11. Gastroenterology Internal Medicine Coder Certification
  12. Hematology and Oncology Coder Certification

Required Certifications for Medical Devices

Certification is crucial to the security of any clinical job and your patient. The majority of medical equipment is used to protect patients from dangers that can jeopardize their security.

Medical devices can become certified as long as they adhere to the guidelines established by the relevant regulatory bodies. In addition, the following certifications are the most essential for device makers operating in the American market:

Federal Communications Commission

The FCC manages radio-based medical devices since it oversees the electromagnetic spectrum. The item’s compliance with emission rules and compatibility with other spectrum users is ensured by the FCC certification.

International Standards Organization

The International Electrotechnical Commission’s international regulatory standards must be followed by medical equipment. The basic safety and performance standards for medical devices intended for use are outlined by the UL 60601-1 certification.

Food and Drug Administration

Before products may be commercialized, they must first receive FDA approval since the FDA regulates medical devices and coordinates the various requirements.

Medical Certifications That Pay The most

All medical credentials are lucrative, although some pay more than others. Here is a list of the top-paying hospital certifications, per

Highest Paying Medical Certifications

Medical Certificates Average Salary
Radiation therapist $114,186 per year
Physician Assistant $105,627 per year
Ultrasonographer $91,520 per year
Assistant in nursing $90,577 per year
Dental hygienist $79,456 per year
Health services administrator $71,486 per year
Registered nurse $67,350 per year
Cytotechnologist $66,563 per year
Radiologic technologist $65,020 per year
Surgical technician $62,649 per year


World’s Most in-demand Medical Certifications

Credentials Abbreviation
Certified Nursing Assistant CNA
Clinical Medical Assistant Certification CCMA
Dental Technician Certification
EKG Technician Certification CET
Massage Therapy Certification
Medical Laboratory Technician Certification
Medical Writing Certification
Patient Care Technician Certification CPCT
Pharmacy Technician Certifications CPhT
Phlebotomy Technician Certification CPT
Practical Nurse Certification LPN
Professional Coder Certification CPC
Registered behavior technician RBT
Respiratory Therapist Certification CRT
X-Ray Technician Certification

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